In 1989 the legislature made sweeping changes to the WC laws in Texas, and it was needed. Now, in 2016, the system has become grossly unfair to injured workers of Texas, due in part to constant tweaking by those in control over the years. Almost every change has been in favor of the employers or insurance carriers. More recently “Networks” have been established so that ICs can control which medical providers the IW can “select”. In order to gain access as a provider in the “network” the provider must (with limited exceptions) be approved by the IC. Consequently the IW may select only the medical provider demanded by the IC to be selected. After the IW makes the “choice”, the IW may change treating doctors, one time, without approval. Who gets o approve, the IC of course. DWC has determined it has no jurisdiction over “networks”, even though it is the administrative body the government established to regulate WC issues. This is only the tip of the iceberg or IWs in Texas.